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A Bit About Me
As an (almost) lawyer, justifying the decision to not take Lawrence's class would have been so easy. After all, I'm too busy, I have $50,000 in debt to pay off, and this class is clearly designed for new age flakes. It's for slavish followers of Tony Robbins and The Secret; for mush-brained sycophants and sensitive artist types. It's not for well-educated, rational, cynical realists like me.

And maybe all that nonsense that was in my head is in yours too.

Yes, It Works
I started and stuck with Lawrence's class because committing to it helps people achieve what they need to achieve. One of my closest friends (a software engineer) finished "On the Presence" before I began, and so on day one I could already see the results in someone else. I have known this friend for about fifteen years and he has changed as much in the last 18 months as in the previous decade and a half. Keep in mind that that decade and a half included high school.

In my own life, I have shifted old patterns that I had accepted would be with me permanently. When I meet up with people who haven't seen me for over a year, they invariably notice a change. Usually they ask if I've lost weight (I haven't) or if I've been working out (nope). What they're seeing is tough to pin down, but it's real and it's important.

Who is This Class For?
Everyone could benefit from being more "present." This isn't a course you take to fix yourself. It's not for flawed, broken people, though that would present Lawrence with an interesting challenge. You don't have to have an artist's soul or any formal actor training to benefit from this course.

What You Will Learn
All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely unsatisfying. If we're all actors, then who's writing the script? Not you.

Learn how to start writing.

—Jonathan Kline, April 2008

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